New Lager Yeast Would Update Commercial Lager Production

Bioengineering company Renaissance BioScience Corp has published a paper in February 2021 about the details of its latest invention of non-GMO lager yeast strains. These lager yeast strains will help expand the variety of industrial lager beer strains for large and small craft breweries.

This invention is ready for commercial usages. These newly developed lager strains have meaningful potential to extend taste forms and enhance the industrial performance of beermaking.

To have protected enhanced strains, these helpful lager strains can be connected with yeast advancements improved by the researchers. This discovery would be very beneficial for beer producers and expert brewers as having this kind of yeast strain improvements will have notable benefits to customers throughout the world. Also, producers will be able to make unique varieties with this new discovery as well as have a broader temperature endurance limit.

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