AB Inbev is to Invest $1 Billion for Increased Production of Hard Seltzer

AB Inbev will be investing over $1 billion US in the next two years to improve its manufacturing abilities to have increased production of hard seltzers. Sales are increasing in the United States every year, and on top of this sales have even increased more during the lockdowns. As the demand for hard seltzers is at the peak, AB Inbev would increase the capacity of seltzers.

In the United States, AB Inbev is the largest subsidiary of the Belgium-based brewer and will be investing $400 million in 12 larger breweries in 2021 as another $100 million will be utilized for financing the environmental sustainability schemes.

To have single-use bottles and cans as well as fewer kegs with recyclable glass-bottles sent to restaurants and bars, AB Inbev will invest another $100 million in can-manufacturing lines.

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