About Us

Are you passionate about homebrewing, or are you maybe just a passionate beer drinker? Then the Canadian Brew is here to let you know all the process and art of homebrewing.

Brewing is teamwork bringing people together, making tasty beers, and having great times along the way. Here at Canadian Brew, we will debate, talk and inform you about homebrewing in a very easy and enjoyable way as the process of brewing is also fun.

Before crafting any delightful recipes of ours, we experiment a lot to have an excellent and delicious beer. We at Canadian Brew have crafted many delicious beers, and still, we are creating and experimenting with different ingredients as we also have a lot to teach you along the way.

Here is what you can anticipate from this blog:

  • Homebrewing tips
  • Different types of homebrewing recipes
  • Interviews with experts from homebrewing industry
  • The updates on homebrewing industry
  • Information about the brewing procedure