The Basics of Home Brewing Beer and Vape Juice

Home Brewing Beer and Vape Juice

Ever had a beer or vape juice and thought, “I think I can make this better”? If you did, then home brewing is for you. Bargain E-Juice says, Mankind has been home brewing since 5,000 BC where historic records show beer recipes in Mesopotamia. Today, home brewing is easier with access to advanced equipment and accessible ingredients.  Beer is one of the oldest drinks that can be made at home but its brewing process has a lot in common with one of the newest trends, vaping.

Vaping is when you use vape devices like pens or e-cigarettes to inhale vapors coming from heated flavored juices. It has been a popular choice lately to either consume less nicotine or a new way to enjoy it.

Vape juices, like beer, can be brewed at home as well.  You can customize the taste to your liking or maybe want to infuse it with other ingredients that you can’t buy in stores. If you want to start a home brewery for beer and vape, here are some similarities and differences between them.

Ingredients, Process, and Equipment

When brewing beer, you will need the basics such as yeast, water, hops, and malt extract. There are two methods to do this such as grain and extract brewing.  In grain brewing, a home brewer will get the sugar from malted grain via a series of extracts while in extract brewing, ready-made malt is used.  You will need a large pot, metal spoon, fermenter, bottling bucket, airlock, and thermometer.

For vape juice, you will need glycerin and propylene glycol with an option to add flavors and nicotine. All you need to do is mix the ingredients and there are two ways to do this. Mixing by weight with the use of a scale or mixing by volume with the use of syringes. For this, all you need is a scale, a pair of gloves, and pipettes.

Fermentation Duration and Storage

Brewed beer will take about 3 to 5 weeks to ferment and it will eventually carbonate. Vape juice is much shorter since you can use it on Day 3 already but it is better if you wait longer so the flavor will be better.

Both of them just need to be stored in a cool dark place.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Brewing Beer and Vape Juice

Brewing your beer and vape juice can save you money in the long run rather than buying retail.  You also have full control of the ingredients and you can have fun creating y        our flavor by mixing in fruit and other flavors.

The disadvantage is the high startup cost for equipment and ingredient for this potential business or hobby.  For vape juice, a major disadvantage is the short shelf-life of the end product so you need to sell or use it faster.

Creating your recipe whether for a beer or vaping juice can be exciting and fulfilling. Don’t be afraid to brew your beer and vape and pair them together to cap off a busy week.

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