Glass Jars or Mugs

Glass jars or mugs are made with thick glass that is sturdy. Glass jars are suitable for carrying a large capacity of your beer. It also has a handle to save your beer from the heat coming from your hand. These Mugs are designed to be struck at the toasting time without breaking them.

These glass jars or mugs have several classifications like The “Mass or Maß” jug, which are from the Bavarian word meaning a measure of 1,069 liters, but now it is used to describe a 1-liter beer mug. This is the commonly used jug for the beer celebrations like Oktoberfest in Munich.

In German the other classification for beer mug is Seidel. We address a “Mug” of beer in English but in England when we request a pint we anticipate a jug of nearly half a liter (about 568 ml). You can find them in the design of smooth jars, with dimples or conical glass.

Also drinking beer in jars or mugs you can drink it without the gas. So you don’t have to worry about the belching anymore.

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