Benefits of All-Grain Brewing

The texture, flavor, and appearance of beer come from the grain itself. In the process of all-grain brewing, we only use grains meaning you will have to do the mashing and malting procedure yourself as you can’t use the alternative of utilizing malt extract. Here are the benefits of all-grain brewing:

In the all-grain brewing procedure, you create the wort from malt you created yourself, but in the extract brewing procedure, you utilize store-bought malt extract and create the wort from this.

But if the all-grain brewing process involves extra levels to consume more of your time, then why do you want all-grain brewing?

Therefore here are the benefits of all-grain brewing:

All-Grain Brewing Means More Control

In the procedure of all-grain brewing, you will have more control that how your beer will taste. In extract brewing, you use store-bought malt extract, but in the all-grain brewing process based on the grains you choose, you can determine how your drink will taste.

All-Grain Brewing Means Savings

As the malt extract is 2-3 times more expensive than just only purchasing grains, then this makes the all-grain brewing the best choice for home brewers. Having this much savings from the all-grain brewing, you may practice or experiment with more quantities as this will also outrun the time-consuming disadvantage of all-grain brewing.

All-Grain Brewing Means Fresh Flavor

Pre-made malt extracts may be old staler than getting malt yourself. You’re never certain that when your extract was malted, it could be also more than a year old which you will never be able to know.

But on the other hand, with the all-grain brewing process, you get to brew from the fresh malt as you will perform the method yourself. So that’s why the freshness is another benefit of all-grain brewing.

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