Bottling Guide of Your First Homebrewed Beer

Here are 6 steps to bottle your very first few beers:

First Step of Preparing Your Bottles

A five-gallon quantity of beer can be bottled in 48 bottles, but first, completely be certain to have clean bottles to avoid being infected if they are not fully cleaned. Sanitizing your bottles can be very helpful.

2nd Step of Sanitizing Bottle Caps

Sanitize bottle caps when the bottles are being soaked.

3rd Step of Preparing your Priming Sugar

A very short quantity of sugar will cause the beer to be under-carbonated, and a very large quantity of sugar would cause over-carbonated beer, so it is important to measure the precise quantity of sugar based on the beer style.

First, determine how much sugar your beer technique needs, then combine it with a container of water for heating on the stove.

You should stir until all sugar is melted.

The 4th Step of Mixing Priming Sugar with Beer

In the 4th step first, sanitize and auto-siphon your bottling container before carrying your beer from your carboy to the bottling container. After this process auto-siphon in the carboy and begin to accurately siphon the beer into your bucket. In this process be aware of not splashing our beer as doing so may result in oxidizing the beer.

First, accurately fill the bottles with the beer and then put caps on bottles and also use your capper to grimp near to the cap on the bottle.

The 6th Step of Storing Your Beer

Keep your beer in any place where regular room temperature can be ensured along with no light for two weeks.

After two weeks, crack open a bottle and pour in a clear beer glass. You would be able to notice a little layer of yeast on the base of your bottle and this is common. Now your first homebrewed beer is ready to be consumed.

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