Supplier Showcase

Services and products shown in the supplier showcase of the CB website are offered by the associate members of the CB. By buying an annual membership, Suppliers play an important role to support our industry as they are helping to finance the activities of Canadian Brew.

Some of the suppliers offer exclusive pricing offers to our members. So, visiting the supplier showcase section oftentimes on the Canadian Brew website or checking out our monthly newsletter regularly for the announcement will be very helpful to you.

Canadian Brew is actively urging its brewery members to repay the favor by supporting these supplier partners:

BSG Canada

Since the 1990s, BSG has created and distributed a broad range of brewing products to the Canadian market.


Popular for understanding the technologies for over 40 years, Domino has produced the best coding and marking and overall traceable codes.

Brew Culture

Brew Culture is a famous Canadian supplier of products like Yeast, Cleaning Chemicals, Malt, Adjuncts, Brewing Aids, Hops, and much more.

Groman & Smith Beverage Equipment

Groman and Smith Beverage Equipment does consulting and provides equipment to the craft brewer. Its services include cellars, product development, brew houses, and process review.